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installation view, Galleria Moitre, Turin, 2016 (detail)

Overlaps #1 (5 minutes mirror), mixed media - performance 3h - installation - video / 2016
Multidisciplinary project in progress by Manuela Macco - Guido Salvini. Overlaps, investigating the performative aspect of the documentation, explores the boundaries between live fruition and documented fruition. Born from the need for delving more deeply into the issues related to the role of documentation in temporary arts, Overlaps explores documentation in its different functions, turning it into both, object and instrument of research.

22.01.2016 / tpa, Galleria Moitre, Turin (IT) / performer: Valeria Ferro, Marco Illuminato, Jorge Tobon

performance, Galleria Moitre, Turin (video stills)
Overlaps #2, mixed media, 2016
performance, 1h / installation / video

15.05.2016 / Galleria Moitre, Turin (IT) / performer: Marta Campigotto, Valeria Ferro, Giorgia Ghione, Jorge Tobon, Manuela Macco
exhibition view, Galleria Moitre, Turin

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